Public Banking Research and Information
After the financial melt-down of 2008, many people have begun to consider alternatives to America’s current banking system which has become increasingly market driven and one dimensional profit oriented, frequently at the expense of the public good.

Part of our mission as an educational non-profit is to make information available that allows people to understand distinctions between different kinds of banking so that America can make the right decisions regarding how banking can serve our common goals.

With that mission in mind, we have organized reference material into these categories:

For Reference material on public banking around the world, click here.

•Public banking is much more developed in South America and in Europe than here in the United States. Here you will find some of the research on public banking’s impact in those parts of the world along with studies conducted here by The Center for State Innovation in Oregon and elsewhere that show the potential economic impact of public state banks here in America.

• Reference material on private, mission-driven banks.