PBI Founders Circle
A few individuals and foundations have stepped forward and provided more than $1,000 in donations to support the Public Banking Institute. We would like to recognize and thank them for providing their financial support to the Public Banking Institute. Individuals have provided $1,000 or more and Organizations have provided $5,000 or more in financial support.

Special Recognition to the Gaia Trust for being the first supporting organization and to Hazel Henderson and Alan F. Kay as the first individuals to be part of the Founders' Circle.


Hazel Henderson and Alan F. Kay

Arnold Molder

Ed Spencer

John Cobb

Lorraine Grace

Rudy and Kathy Avizius

Fran and Ozzie Roman

Robert Manning

Landon and Diane Carter

Ruth Weizenbaum

Mark Pash

Richard and Marie Mermin

Julie A. and Frank W. McClain

Richard Mitchell

Lawrence Taubman

Charles Mauch

Ellen Brown

Ann Tulintseff

Bob Lanphear

Linda Barnett

Michael Kelly

Wolmer Moller

Frank Chiorazzi

Valli Sharpe-Geisler

Bill and Lynne Twist
Joan Bartl, Payment Management

Kurt E. Von Mettenheim

Susan Seymour

David Sniekus

Peter Bauer

Sergio and Gaye Lub

Myrna Spiegler

Michael Kelly

Benjamin Colby

Julianne Maurseth, Awake at Work

Marco Vangelisti

Mikal Baker and Lisa French

Lisa Hill

John Wagoner

James Cochran

Chris Wilson

Chuck Watts, Empathy Surplus

Gary Fritz

Jenny Greenwood

Doug and Nancy Beall Hendren

Jessie Taylor

Ann Fleischli

Greg Simmons

Gina Angiola

Paul Crist

Gwen Hallsmith, Global Community Initiatives

Chong Kee Tan, Bay Bucks


Gaia Trust

Shah and Associates

United Field Corporation

Ethical Markets

Madison Community Foundation

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation