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PBI Learning Academy

As part of the renewed commitment at PBI to support local efforts to establish public banks, we are offering a learning program to help everyone understand their benefits and challenges.

Our vision is to create a core curriculum of online courses at PBI, to make the Public Banking Institute one of the world’s first and best places to learn about the real history of the economy and the role of money, the global context, to understand how public banking in the US has played a crucial role in the past and how it can again in the future, and much more.

This strategy fulfills two mission critical goals of PBI: it educates widely about public banking and our new paradigm – hopefully inspiring actions toward the creation of public banks; and it helps provide a stable economic foundation for PBI going forward in a way that writing articles or even producing viral videos do not.

We envision at least four levels of courses, with two phases of evolution of the education program. First, courses for the general public such as an exploration of the “people’s history of the US economy” and what is money? How is it created and by whom?

Next would be a series of courses for students of economics (and hopefully even some economists), such as an examination of the insidious power of interest, how it limits public policy potential, and how it can affect an economy; and a history of The Fed over the last 100 years.

A series for bankers could include how community bankers have profoundly benefitted from the BND, and a class on money creation for bankers – what they never taught you in school.

A series for activists and legislators could include lessons since 2010 for public bank proponents – successes and setbacks

Members who contribute to our new fundraising campaign will be able to have discounts on course tuition, including a special offer at the kickoff this week – members who contribute $50 or more can get either the Introduction to Public Banking or the Implementing Public Banks course at no charge. A contribution of $100 or more would allow people access to both classes, with discounts for other courses to follow.

Introduction to Public Banking

Featuring Tom Sgouros, the author of a new book called Checking the Banks: The Nuts and Bolts of Banking for People Who Want to Fix It, this course will offer an overview of why public banking is a good idea, how it will strengthen local economies, and what you can do to help establish a public bank in your area.

The first class will be offered on April 19, 2014, at 11:00 AM EDT/ 8:00 AM PDT. Members who contribute a minimum of $50 to our fundraising drive will be able to attend the course at no charge.

Establishing Public Banks

Featuring Gwendolyn Hallsmith, PBI's Executive Director, a more advanced course on the implementation of public banks at the regional and state level will be offered on April 19, 2014 at 4:00 EDT and 1:00 PDT.

Members who contribute a minimum of $50 to our funding drive will be able to attend this cours at no charge.

Members who contribute a minimum of $100 to our fundraising campaign can attend both classes for no charge.