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Money as Credit

Public Banking TV presents ...

Money as Credit: Banking on the Future

Based on “Time for a New Theory of Money” by Ellen Brown.

Adapted and narrated by Bob Bows

Money as Debt

Moonfire Studio presents ...

A Lifeboat News Video Production of ...

"Money as Debt - Part 1"

The Secret of Oz

"The Secret of Oz"

Written and directed by Bill Still

Modern Money Mechanics

Learn how the Federal Reserve describes the money creation process, particularly regarding "fractional reserve lending," in this pamplet issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

The actual process of money creation takes place primarily in banks. Money Mechanics, p. 3, Chicago Federal Reserve.

The Story of Student Loans

Current lending structures are placing impossible burdens on students.:

College Student Borrowing On The Rise: Pew Report

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Benjamin Franklin

The REAL Tea Party Begins Here!

Public Banking TV presents ...

The Real Tea Party begins here! … Reclaiming our sovereignty with publicly-owned banks ...

Based on “The Web of Debt” by Ellen Brown,

With additional materials by the Public Banking Forum;

Adapted and narrated by Bob Bows

Zeitgeist Addendum

The Zeitgeist Movement presents ...

"Zeitgest Addendum"

Secrets of the Federal Reserve

by Eustice Mullins; forward by Ezra Pound

Link to the online version of "Secrets of the Federal Reserve"

"When the Federal Reserve writes a check for a government bond it does exactly what any bank does, it creates money, it created money purely and simply by writing a check." - Wright Patman, House Banking Committee Chairman, 1960's

The Story of Foreclosures