The Great Public Banking Debate

2012 is the year that the Public Banking Institute brings public banking into the public discussion. What better way to do it than to have a public debate - old style?

The first debate will be held in Petaluma, CA and will be a debate on the question "Should Sonoma County have its Own Bank?" Ellen Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute, will debate members of the public. A featured guest -- the Monopoly Banker -- is rumoured to be getting his outfit ready.

This debate will be just the first of many debates throughout the USA. Does your county need a public bank? Should your state start its own bank? Debate it -- in the open, with your friends and colleagues. It's past time to get this question out in the open. We could very well be on the brink of another credit crisis, brought to us by Wall Street and the Federal Government. Debating this topic will give us an idea of what sort of alternative we could construct for ourselves.

Find out more about public banking by debating and learning:

• The benefits of city-owned banks, county-owned banks, state-owned banks, and public land banks.
• The hidden costs of interest, and how this lost revenue can be returned to the public through publicly-owned banks.
• Why a banking system designed to prop up Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks doesn’t work, not only for people who have lost their jobs and their homes but for those who still have jobs, homes, and money to invest—and why public banking is the solution.
• The history, structure, and governance of the Bank of North Dakota.
• The current movement to establish publicly-owned banks—progress, obstacles, and reports from the field.

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“Corporations have been enthroned. An era of corruption in high places will follow … until wealth is aggregated in a few hands … and the Republic is destroyed.”

–Abraham Lincoln, after the National Banking Act of 1863 was passed.

Scheduled Debates

Petaluma -- Monday, March 12, 6pm dinner, 7pm debate

Occupy Petaluma is hosting this event at the new Sunflower Center. Be sure to come early for dinner with the debate participents. Participants include Ernie Carpenter, former Sonoma County Supervisor, and Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt. The question being debated is "Should Sonoma County Own A Public Bank?" More information here.

Washington, D.C. -- Friday, April 13, 11am - 1pm

This debate will be on "Should State and Local Governments Own Public Banks?" Debate participants to be announced. This debate will be part of the NOW DC educational series.

Philadelphia -- Saturday, April 28

The Public Banking in America National Conference will feature this debate and will hold it at the Friends Center, at 15th and Cherry in Philadelphia. The question being debated is "Should the City of Philadelphia Own A Public Bank?"

Your city/town -- it's up to you!

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Other Events?
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