¡2020! is a fast-paced weekly trivia game that emulates the success of HQ Trivia while taking a decidedly Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me approach to news and political commentary. In other words, it's a pleasantly serious way for the audience to engage in important environmental, economic and social justice matters. The weekly show has a live show host and uses a friendly game show competition and educational format for the audience to act as participants as they answer trivia questions on their mobile phones. Each week will have a distinct theme (see below) and a featured celebrity will anchor the show's call to action segment. Winners will be able to converse via chat directly with the celebrity immediately after the show ends. Organizations that sponsor the ¡2020! game show and determine the show theme (climate change, Green New Deal, public banking, gerrymandering, civil rights, etc.) may also choose to provide additional prizes above and beyond the regular winning prizes.
Sponsors are educational and advocacy organizations that face the same challenge: how best to engage and educate their supporters in a way that expands their organizational network. Timed with your campaign's major call-to-action, sponsoring ¡2020! may be an effective way to heighten the attention of a campaign and to better achieve campaign goals.

Game play involves quickly answering questions that the ¡2020! host asks, with the “last ones standing” winning the show. News and trivia, when combined, offer a distinct lure for the many people who prioritize political advocacy for one issue or another. One of the key design points behind ¡2020! Is the ability to bring others into a game. It’s an important way ¡2020! will naturally expand the sponsor's support network while helping to educate participants.

Sponsors choose the available week they wish to sponsor, the show theme, and, once confirmed, can plan for the week’s game show, co-branded with their brand assets. Sponsors are responsible for providing 15 questions and answers and for arranging for one of their supporting celebrities to speak live during the show during the Celebrity “Call to Action”. Remote streaming of the “Call to Action” is acceptable. Sponsors are also responsible for marketing their scheduled game to their social network and to award winners according to an agreed-upon plan.
Sponsor Responsibilities
Sponsors actively contribute towards making the show a success and are responsible for:
  1. Developing the content of the 15 questions and answers
  2. Providing the graphic files needed for co-branding customization of the ¡2020! game show (intro video, outro video, game show, and stickers)
  3. Providing over 50% of the content for the host script for the show
  4. Lining up the celebrity  who gives voice to the call to action in-person and who chats with the winners following the show
  5. Making arrangements for live-streaming of the celebrity, when the celebrity cannot participate in the broadcast in-person
  6. Providing any additional prizes in addition to the regular prizes for the winners
How To Get Started
  1. Schedule a ¡2020! walk-through (send an email to 2020trivia @ gmail.com) 
  2. Identify which program or campaign would be ideal for a ¡2020! show
  3. Review Sponsor checklist (provided by Friends of Public Banking)
  4. Choose an available date
  5. Bring celebrity into discussion



Green New Deal
Job Guarantee
Climate Change
Clean Water
Public Banking
Postal Banking
Universal Basic Income
Civil Rights
Voting Rights
Human Rights
Workers Rights
Community Rights
Ecosystem Rights
Wrongful Convictions
International Justice
Wealth and Income Inequality
Healthcare Human Rights
Ownership of Capital
Black Lives Matter
3rd Party Politics
Free Public College
$15 Minimum Wage

Sponsor Benefits
Sponsors of a ¡2020! co-branded game show receive benefits that include:
  1. Increased Campaign Participation Rates -- A co-branded game show will drive participants towards your specific call-to-action
  2. Higher Supporter Attendance & Satisfaction Rates -- A co-branded game show will be an enjoyable way for supporters to be educated
  3. Expanded Social Network -- The ¡2020! game show has its own following, many of whom share the same values as your organization, so it will expand your community
  4. Enhanced communication and messaging -- Improved reach and quality of exact communications/messaging will make your community more tightly aligned with your organization’s mission
  5. Improved Program Efficiency -- Higher levels of community participation in a unique interactive gaming experience