2014 Initiatives
Public Banking 2014: Bypass Wall St., in Detroit will build on the momentum of the extremely successful Public Banking 2013: Funding the New Economy conference. Public Banking 2014 will feature speakers, panel discussions, and social events to further educate, collaborate, and energize advocates for public banking and economic sovereignty.

Our Funding the New Economy Symposium Series, with symposia in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boulder, and Albuquerque, will present day-long conferences, meetings and events, and will feature local and national groups and individuals in our effort to showcase and educate communities on public banking. Each event will have well-known keynote speakers, strategy meetings, fundraisers, and special events.

Our stepped-up media effort builds on the momentum of PBI videos such as No More Detroits, and will include videos, podcasts, and more of our articles and editorials, produced by our veteran media team.

The online Invest Local Tool Kit helps create a model to support planning and consulting efforts to build public banks in local communities. The online kit will include an online calculator for modeling a public bank loan portfolio, feasibility studies, and business plan templates for citizens to assess the possibility and desirability of public banks in their counties, municipalities, and states.

The appointment of a National Field Organizer will greatly improve our ability to coordinate efforts on several fronts, including PBI participation in local events, the cultivation of media contacts, organization of educational and advocacy events, and legislative efforts.