What is Friends of Public Banking?

Public banking is a democratic approach to funding our values. Unlike other causes, it's not a narrow solution, a silo all to its own. It's more of a foundation that answers the question "Where are we going to get the money?" that many advocacy groups are asked. If you've been on the receiving end of that question and are tired of answering it with "more taxes" or "more bonds", supporting a public bank in your region may be something you might want to consider and support.

Friends of Public Banking, a national approach to public banking education and advocacy, is a coalition of individual supporters and organizational partners. In return for financial support, we provide the following to our partners:

- Interactive social engagement opportunities to expand your existing outreach efforts
- Training so that you can consider public banking as part of your overall strategy and campaigns
- Digital media advocacy opportunities to ensure that issue advocacy campaigns actively shape political consensus
Game Show. We are developing the first live interactive news and trivia game show available for organizations that need to expand their outreach efforts. National in scope, each game show will be sponsored by an education or advocacy organization that provides the questions that will be asked to the audience. Hosted in Los Angeles, the ¡2020! game show will be a way to educate a larger audience and offer a call to action for those wanting to advocate for your cause. Read more about it here. ¡2020! goes live Spring, 2019.
Training. Do you wish to know more about public banking? We'll be glad to provide the training you need so that you can consider it to be part of your strategy. If it fits, train-the-trainer material will be provided so you can roll it out internally in your organization.

Campaigns. Are you interested in running a digital advertising campaign that makes the connection between your central messages and public banking? We'll make that happen by forming campaign-specific coalitions of like-minded organizations that want to use one-to-one media campaigns that are effective and a good use of your money.

What is Public Banking?

A public bank is a simple and proven concept. It is essentially a public option for banking, an organization owned by the government and chartered by the state to accept deposits and make loans. Many people don't realize this, but governments are already in the lending business -- most have a portfolio of loans (provided to small business, farmers/ranchers, homeowners, etc.) scattered among different governmental organizations. A public bank consolidates these loans and serve as a way to fund them with a lower cost of money. For example, the North Dakota Treasurer places all tax and fee revenue in the ND state bank and uses the credit to provide low cost funding for consolidation of student loans, housing and other infrastructure, commercial loans, and projects that generate cash but are not included in government budgets.

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